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Tax refund

RT Tax logo - tax refund Dear j1 visa holders and participants of the Work and Travel program,

Here you can find important information about tax system in the USA and how you can legally refund maximum of taxes you paid in the USA.

This information is important to those who:

  • are planning to go to the USA;
  • work in the USA;
  • already returned from the USA; is a partner of Global Tax Refund Network – RT Tax (

It is easy to reach RT Tax when students come back from the Work and Travel program. This organization has their representative offices in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania and many other countries. We counted 39 countries where they are located at the moment.

During our cooperation with RT Tax we have developed Online based Tax Refund procedure, which is very convenient for the students.

Everybody who has access to the Internet can:

- Request Free information about tax system in the USA before their departure or while working in the USA;
- Use Free Tax Refund Calculator;
- Apply for a maximum legal Tax Refund amount Online without leaving their home;
- Track online al the procedures every time student logins to his/her personal Tax Refund account.

Important! All the procedures in newly developed program are 100 % Online. So the student, having Internet access, can get his/her taxes back without filling any papers, visiting any office, or sending post mail.

Start Online – get your money Online!

To our deep knowledge RT Tax means:

- safe, reliable and 100% legal Tax Refund services;
- not expensive, fast and easy to use;
- all procedures are 100 % Online.

Open your Tax Refund account NOW!

All registered here will get 10 % discount for Tax Refund services.
Registration is 100 % FREE.


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