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Hiring seasons

Students are allowed to work in the States for up to 3 months, with an extra month for traveling.  Student program dates depend on varied academic calendars around the world and university rules.

 Depending on students` home university calendar, Work & Travel USA seasons are:

Summer season
Albania 1-Jul 30-Sep
Armenia 1-Jul 31-Aug
Azerbaijan 7-Jun 16-Sep
Belarus 30-Jun 1-Sep
Bulgaria 1-May 30-Sep
China 1-Jun 15-Sep
Colombia 1-May 30-Aug
India 1-May 31-Aug
Jamaica 5-May 7-Sep
Ghana 15-May 5-Sep
Kazakhstan 25-May 1-Sep
Kyrgyzstan 1-Jun 31-Aug
Latvia 1-May 31-Aug
Lithuania 8-May 15-Sep
Macedonia 15-May 30-Sep
Moldova 22-May 8-Sep
Mongolia 1-Jun 1-Sep
Poland 25-May 25-Sep
Romania 15-Jun 30-Sep
Russia 15-May 15-Sep
Slovakia 15-May 15-Sep
Serbia 21-May 1-Oct
Taiwan 1-Jun 30-Sep
Turkey 15-May 1-Oct
Ukraine 9-May 9-Sep
Uzbekistan 1-Jun 1-Oct
Vietnam 16-Jun 18-Aug
Spring season
Ecuador, Guauaquil 21-Feb 2-May
Thailand 1-May 31-Aug
Winter season
Argentina 1-Dec 1-Apr
Brazil 15-Nov 15-Mar
Chile 1-Dec 1-Apr
Peru 1-Dec 31-Mar

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